Fluorescence is the property of diamond , which makes it glow when it is kept under a UV ( Ultra Violet ) light. Fluorescence in a diamond is judged based on the intensity of the glow when it is kept under a UV light.

The grades for Fluorescence starts with None, which means no Fluorescence and as the intensity of Fluorescence increases the grades change from Very slight to Very Strong.


“The impact of fluorescence on price depends on its notice-ability. For some higher – colour stones, fluorescence gives the stone a milky white appearance, which greatly lowers value. In some instances, the fluorescence is hardly noticeable and has minimal impact on the stone’s brilliance and value. Blue fluorescence may add value to lower – colour stones as it gives the stone a whiter, brighter appearance. Some buyers regularly pay better prices for highly blue fluorescent J and lower – colour diamonds. Yellow or white fluorescence may require an additional 5 to 10 percent discount. Generally, the higher the quality and price per carat, the more fluorescence lowers value.”
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