Apart from diamonds at best prices MLDB offers value added services to our exclusive members.

Diamonds as Investments.
The member can track the growth on their investments on the diamonds through our system.

Buy Requests.
When you need to buy a specific diamond, we give you all the options you need to find it quickly, including uploading your request to our network. We will email you when new diamonds fitting your buy criteria are uploaded to the system. We also email the suppliers with your request and maintain the buy request listing online, so that your buy needs are met immediately.

Loan on Diamond
Buy Back / Upgrade
Sell Requests ( Sell Diamond Online )
Real Time Value of you Assets.
Sealed Diamonds

Plotting of Inclusions

MLDB provides diamonds with plotting of inclusions. One can easily check the inclusions in the plotted diagram which is also a source of identification of a diamond as each and every diamond has different inclusion. It is like a Birth Mark of Human Beings which is unique for every person.

GIA does the plotting of diamonds which are above .99 cts but plotting of smaller diamonds can be done on request.

Buying diamonds from MLDB is like buying from a Diamond Super Specialist.

Unheated Untreated Natural Gemstones with Internationally Accepted certificates.
MLKingFood provides Grade 1 Certified Natural Kashmiri Saffron.
ML Jewellery collection offers you 22kt Hallmarked,Handmade,Life Long Guarantee Gold Jewellery.
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