Plotting: Birth Mark

A Plot is a Map of Diamond’s Clarity Characteristics, according to which it is determined that what will be the Clarity Grade of the diamond.

For the first time in India this facility is being provided by a Jeweler to provide complete transparency. At MLDB you can check the plotting of inclusions.

One can easily check the inclusions in the plotted diagram which is also a source of identification of a diamond as each and every diamond has different inclusion. It is like a Birth Mark of Human Beings which is unique for every person.

GIA uses Green, Red & Black Ink to Plot clarity characteristics and does the plotting of diamonds which are above .99 cts but plotting of smaller diamonds can be done on request.

Green Colour Indicate the Blemishes.
Red Colour Indicate the Inclusions.
Black Colour Indicate Extra Facets.

When you View a particular diamond, click on the image in the centre & a bigger image will be displayed on the left. You can move the cursor over the image to further Highlight it & have a clear view of each & every aspect of the Plotting in the Diagram.

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